High School Prodigies Have Arrived In Another World is the First episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World. It introduces The Seven Prodigies and sets up the premise of the rest of the series.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the world of Freyjagard, locals Lyrule and Winona bear witness to a plane crash.

In modern Japan, seven high-school-age students—dubbed the "high school prodigies"—have each excelled in their own fields to such a degree that each one is the world's best at his or her own craft. By chance, the seven all happen to be on a plane at the same time.

Four days later, prodigy leader Tsukasa Mikogami awakens in poor condition, though in the care of Lyrule (as are the other prodigies). He quickly realizes that he is no longer in Japan or even in our world any longer and demands that he be taken to the crash site, realizing that he and the other prodigies have been transported to Freyjagard's Elm Village.

One month later, a feast is held to celebrate the prodigies' recovery. Though there is generally mirth at the occasion, when Winona recounts a legend of seven travelers from another world, this angers her son Elk, already displeased by the lavish spendings of the village on this event, and he storms out of the banquet hall in anger after making the reasons for his displeasure known. Tsukasa, feeling guilty for imposing on the villagers, organizes the other prodigies to find ways to help the villagers while also learning about the world and trying to find ways home.

The next day, as prodigy Ringo Ōhoshi discusses with Tsukasa how Ringo plans to refine nearby bauxite into aluminum, just as she plans to leave a local patrol of soldiers comes by the village. Winona denies them any tribute, causing its leader to attempt to sexually harass her, but Tsukasa interrupts this and fights off the soldiers with the help of the other prodigies. Later, he reinforces that each prodigy should find a way to help that is in tune with his or her own talent, which he believes should be easy for them, but he also told them to hold back, because as Tsukasa stated “if we were to give it our all, we could end up ruining this world.”

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode combines and streamlines events from the manga's first four chapters.

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