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Masato Is Serious About Making Money! is the Second episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World. It focuses on prodigy Masato Sanada in his efforts to help Elm Village through trading.


Masato Sanada refuses to do business with Neutscheland Trading Company due to their exorbitant prices. Elk finds this shocking as Neutscheland is the only trading company in the area, to which Masato responds that they can make money anyway without living in anyone else's shadow, grabbing the attention of a nearby girl.

Back at Elm Village, Lyrule thanks Tsukasa Mikogami for his and the other prodigies' help for the villagers, though she worries that Elk's interactions with the others sent to trade may cause trouble for the village. Winona responds that this is the fault of Jaccoi, the one who monopolized trading in Dormundt for Neutscheland, but Tsukasa believes that this should only make things easier for Masato to fix.

At Dormundt, Masato obtains a business permit by blackmailing the mayor via knowledge obtained by Shinobu Sarutobi of the mayor's corruption in allowing Neutscheland to gain a monopoly. Masato then announces his intent to a disbelieving Elk to teach the latter how to make money with just a business permit and no money, attracting Roo, the girl from earlier, who asks to be in on the company; Masato accepts due to her obvious greed, as that will make her a valuable asset to them.

Later, Masato, accompanied by Elk and Roo, propositions some local men into doing their business at Masato's new Elm Trading Company by explaining to them that they'll make far more money there than at Neutscheland. In return, they spread the word, leading to the Elm Company gaining large supplies of goods and, in return, soon attracting many customers due to their low prices, leading to the Company doing extremely well within days.

Though Elm Village soon has all the supplies that it could need, Masato stays at Dormundt with Elk and Roo to destroy the Neutscheland Company for their greed. Meanwhile, Jaccoi has learned of Elm's existence, but deems them not to be a threat; however, he is quickly proven wrong when Masato's newest ware, some of Tsukasa's mayonnaise (received quite well at Elm Village) proves very popular, leading to the captain of the vessel Sea Serpent discovering Elm and partnering with them. Jaccoi indignantly decides that he will open a market to compete with Elm, which Shinobu quickly reports to Masato; however, Masato does not worry, as he reveals that Neutscheland is already too late, for Masato now has followers who will destroy Neutscheland for him.



  • Masato's business plan for the Elm Trading Company
    • Sell items for 1/9 less than competitor
    • Get merchants to sell products for ETC
    • Entice merchants cooperation by offering to "lower" ETC's cut from 20% to 10%
    • Use mayonnaise as a enticing product to lure potential traders to do business with.
    • Win the war against competitor within a week.