It Seems Lyrule's Growing Closer to Him! is the Sixth episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World.

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In his office, Tsukasa comes to the tough decision to implement political reforms. But he also makes new legislation to modernize the livelihoods of the town's people. However, Tsukasa's friends are worried that he's pushing himself thin. Even so, Tsukasa can't rest due to the Empire's plan to invade Findolf. Consequently, he focuses his effort in modernizing the Seven-Light's army.

While Tsukasa contemplates his next steps on modernizing the village, Lyrule can't stop thinking about him. She believes that Tsukasa detests her as he refuses all her attempts to repay him for rescuing her. However, Masato assures that Tsukasa is only doing this out of guilt. It seems that Tsukasa told the Elm Villagers not to save her from Marquis Findolf.

Even though Masato reassures her, Lyrule confronts Tsukasa. However, things don't go as expected. Instead of returning her feelings, he reveals his feelings for his father, the former Japanese Prime Minister. At first, he admired his father. However, he learned that he's as corrupt as other politicians. Unable to stand idly by, he and his friends expose his father's schemes. Unfortunately, this ends with his father's execution and his mother's hatred towards him. As a result, he vowed to himself to become a selfless leader putting the needs of the people first. This revelation saddens Lyrule. But even so, she tells him that she'll always be by his side.

Meanwhile, Roo is having a hard time learning and solving mathematical problems. Luckily, the other Prodigies are there to help. Elsewhere, Shinobu and Elk discover a dark secret of a village.

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