It Seems Shinobu Has a Shinobi's Intuition! is the Seventh episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World.

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Shinobu and Elk have discovered a dark secret. And even though the people at Coconono village proclaiming how great it is to live here, Shinobu can't help of being suspicious. It seems that even though the villagers are starving, they don't date to eat the food served at the inn. The town's people have been secretly drugging travels before feasting on the unsuspecting victim's flesh.

Meanwhile, Duke Gustav's soldiers punish Melinda for breaking an official law – always keep your clothes clean. But Shinobu gives herself instead to their leader, Silver Knight Jeanne Do Leblanc. It seems that Melinda tried to warn Shinobu and Elk of the cannibalistic nature of her hometown.

Simultaneously, Elk confronts the innkeeper, Emerada, over the dead travelers. Full of guilt, Emerada explains that Coconono was a lively farming village. However, that all changed when Duke Gustav took over. He came with insane laws to beautify Coconono. One of them is that the villagers have to keep their clothes clean. Meaning, they could no longer farm for food or earn money. This ridiculous legislation has pushed the villagers to the point of cannibalism to survive, which many of them regret.

Even though Jeanne is part of Gustav's army, Jeanne frees Shinobu. She later reveals that she's a member of the Azure Brigade. The Azure Brigade is a group that actively opposes Duke Gustav's tyranny.

Duke Gustav grows angry upon learning his army hasn't attacked the rebels at Findolf. His fury pushes him to the point of using his magic spear, Heaven's Flames, to destroy Dormundt. Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Ringo learn about the impending attack and use many anti-aircraft missiles. But to no avail, the spear still manages to hit Dormundt.

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