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It Seems Aoi's Specs are Greater Than Imagined! Is the Eighth episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World anime.


Gustav's spear, Heaven's Flames, has hit Dormundt's noble district. Chaos and destruction break out, sending countless civilians to flee the city. Thankfully, Mayor Walters has set in motion the evacuation plan proposed by Tsukasa. Even so, death and blood cover the streets due to Gustave's fire spirits coming from his spear.

According to Lyrule, the only way to stop the carnage and spread caused by Heaven's Flames is to destroy the spear itself. Their only hope of achieving this is Ringo's remaining missile. Aoi volunteers to escort the weapon and protect it from its enemies. Thanks to this, the missile destroys the spear and stops the spread of Heaven's Flames. However, Gustave's senses the spear's destruction on vows revenge.

As the recovery efforts in Dormundt continue, Lyrule reveals that the creature who possessed left her with abilities. Lyrule now understands magic and can speak with spirits. Consequently, she wants to use her blessing to help others.

Now, with everything said and done, it's time to make a surprise attack on Gustav's army.

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