It Seems Ringo's Worked Up the Courage to Become a Hunter! is the Tenth episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World anime.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Despite their help, Tsukasa doesn't trust the Azure Brigade, especially their new leader, Count Conrad. However, before they can continue with the restoration efforts, Keine suggests that Tsukasa and Ringo take some time off. They agree, and Tsukasa asks Ringo to accompany him to a popular food spot in Dormundt. The sudden invitation leads Ringo to believe that Tsukasa is asking her on a date.

Nervous for the upcoming "date," she asks Aoi and Keine for help. However, their knowledge on this specific subject is even lower than Ringo's. Luckily, Shinobu is there to save the day. She suggests for Ringo to follow a multi-step, that goes from holding hands to indirect kissing.

Tsukasa and Ringo are forced to walk through town in disguise to fend off unwanted attention. It's the perfect opportunity for Ringo to implement her plan. But before she gets to hold hands with Tsukasa, they've arrived at the restaurant. Luckily, the following step, indirect kiss, does work when they switch drinks. She passes out in embarrassment.

During a flashback, Ringo remembers her upbringing with her mother. The later was artificially inseminated to create a prodigy child. When Ringo, at a young age, started showing her talents, her mother abandoned her out of spite. All alone and left with nothing, she contemplated her existence. One day, Tsukasa appeared at her school, and since that day has given her broken objects to fix. These tasks gave her a reason to live and consequently led her to fall in love with her savior.

Ringo awakens from her dream, and she suddenly realizes she's on Tsukasa's lap. She thanks him for being there for her. It's thanks to him that she's alive today.

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