It Seems Keine Can't Stand Naughty Boys! is the Eleventh episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World anime.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Conrad has plans for the Azure Brigade to rejoin the Rreyjagard Empire. However, Tsukasa predicted their betrayal and is now concocting a plan to counteract this.

Meanwhile, an infectious new disease called Septicaemia has spread amongst the commoner. Keine is doing all she can to find a cure; however, there's a Penicillin shortage. To make matters worse, Count Serentius of the Medical Guild demands that Keine allow his Guild to sell opium to the sick. However, Keine refuses this. She instead makes a deal with Serentius that she'll cure the villages with coal. But if she fails, she will allow him to sell the addictive drug.

With Lyrule's knowledge of magic and Keine's understanding of chemistry, they turn coal into a cure. And enough so to cure all of the patients. Seeing that he's lost the bet, Count Serentious and his men try to ruin the medicine and in such the Seven-Light's reputation. Luckily, Keine is there to save the day. Elsewhere, Ringo is putting the final touches on her latest project, an Intercontinental ballistic missile.

Simultaneously, General Neuro allows Conrad and the Azure Brigade to rejoin the Empire. But there's a condition. They have to destroy the Seven-Light Faith. Conrad's Knight Raisenach and his men try to kill Jeanne. Luckily, Shinobu gets there on time and kills them all.

Jeanne finds out that Conrad is responsible for killing her former leader and mentor. She's devastated after learning of this betrayal. Shinobu assures her that the Seven-Light Faith will help achieve Azure Brigade's original goals.

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