It Seems High School Prodigies Have It Easy In Another World! is the twelfth episode of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World anime.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Gustave is alive. All this time, he was hiding as Tanganika. In his fury, Gustave kills Conrad for destroying his golden statue. He then turns his attention to Jeanne and Shinobu, who were hiding in the same room. With all his might, Gustave destroys the castle killing everyone inside. Luckily Jeanne and Shinobu manage to escape.

But before he can exact his plan of revenge, Ringo blows him up with her new ballistic missile. The sight can be seen from Dormundt. The Prodigies contemplate the use of such a destructive weapon. As a result, Tsukasa believes that people will hate him for using such a lethal means with other nations. But before he can put much more thought, he and the Prodigies must give a speech. Despite the trials and tribulations, the government has become one, and now it will be known as the Elm Republic. This new nation must defend itself as a republic and not under a dictatorship.

While giving the speech, a Gustave appears and starts attacking the Prodigies. The rest of the prodigies try to fight this new Gustave, but they are no match against him. When he leaps toward Tsukasa, the latter pulls out a gun and shoots Gustave. His final words to the leader of the Prodigies is a warning.

In another location, a trio from the Yamato Empire and General Neuro observe the events in Dormundt. They feel that the Seven-Light Faith may be an obstacle to their plans.

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