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Lyrule is an elf and the deuteragonist of High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World. Tsukasa Mikogami suspects her to be the reason the Prodigies arrived on Freyjagard. She seem to have some sort of affection towards Tsukasa shown as she kisses him in one of the episodes.


Lyrule has long light green hair, falling past her back and large breast, along with a turquoise and blue ombre color for eyes. She has pointed ears which is a common trait of an elf.


Lyrule's defining trait is being an extremely caring person, happy to lower herself to the needs of those around her when required. She appears to have something of a crush on Tsukasa Mikogami, who she believes to be very strong and kind.



She is shown to have a great proficiency in magic and is able to hear the voice of the celestial spirit of the Seven Light Faith, and being able to withstand the enormous power of it without dying. It should be noted that the spirit has been weakened by the emperor's powers.


  • Her name may be influenced from The Legend of Zelda series, in which one of the main races are a group called "Hylians" who hold elven-like features and live in a land called Hyrule.