A life spent going along with the flow and letting yourself be used is worthless.

Masato Sanada, Episode 02

Masato Sanada is a master economist and a member of the Seven Prodigies.

Appearance Edit

Masato's eyes are golden-yellow and he has short, shaggy dark hair. He projects a laid-back demeanor, and he typically wears business clothing.

Personality Edit

Though Masato appears fairly shallow and arrogant, if charismatic, in his business dealings, there's more to him than that. He has a strong sense of justice and abhors corruption, having deliberately tanked a business over it in the past, and seeks to root out corruption wherever he finds it on Freyjagard. He has feelings for Winona, and took Roo as his apprentice.

Specialization Edit

Masato specializes as an entrepreneur and economist. Having resuscitated entire industries from the brink of collapse, he is quickly able to revolutionize medieval Freyjagardian economies to enrich himself and his companions by simply talking people into giving him whatever he wants.

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