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Prince Akatsuki (プリンス 暁, Purinsu Akatsuki) is a prestidigitator and a member of the Seven Prodigies.


Akatsuki has blonde hair and turquoise eyes.

He wears a variety of stage clothing and costumes, mostly magician-related.


Akatsuki is usually confident and boastful, as he knows that no one can see through nor reverse his magic. When first transported to Freyjagard, Akatsuki had a terrible time adjusting, becoming timid and prone to tantrums. However, he eventually adjusted and returned to his usual self just in time to be of great service to the nearby villagers.


Akatsuki specializes as a master stage magician, having made the Statue of Liberty itself seem to disappear.


  • The name Akatsuki means "dawn, daybreak" (暁).


  • A running gag in the series revolves around Akatsuki being mistaken for a girl due to his high-pitched voice and feminine clothing, something to which he reacts with varying shades of embarrassment and humiliation.