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Ringo Ōhoshi (大星 林檎, Ōhoshi Ringo) is a nuclear physicist, a top notch technical inventor and a member of the Seven Prodigies.


Ringo's eyes are a light hazel and her hair is light brown, falling just past her shoulders.


Preferring to live in isolation in space, Ringo spent most of her time with her computer named Kumausa. The lack of human contact is intentional for numerous reasons, part being her personality, part being the need to keep away from those who would use her mind for nefarious purposes, and partly because her biological mother abandoned her out of jealousy over her intellect. Tsukasa Mikogami managed to improve her outlook on life which caused her to gain a crush on him.


Ringo specializes as a scientist, specifically as an engineer, inventor, and nuclear physicist. She has resolved the problem of radioactive waste, discovering how to make it decay almost immediately, and has built nuclear reactors herself.


  • The name Ringo means "apple" (林檎).
  • Ringo's surname Ōhoshi means "big, great" (大) (o) and "star" (星) (hoshi).


  • Despite Ringo's careful, calm and calculated outlook on life, she still has trouble admitting to her feelings for Tsukasa Mikogami. Even when she notices that Lyrule has a crush on him, she doesn’t gain enough confidence to tell him. He also helped her learn how to fix things and gave her all the credit when he gave it back to the store owner. Because of this she gained a crush on him because she thought he was using her before.
  • While not stated, Ringo likely lives off money from winning three Nobel Prizes (which is a fortune); or patents from things she invented.