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Her greed will make her into a great merchant.

Masato Sanada about Roo, Chapter 7

Roo is a buman former slave girl who Masato Sanada took under his wing after Roo escaped her servitude.


Roo has unruly, neck-length coral-colored hair with bangs that partly obscure her face from view. She also has fluffy cat-like ears the same color as her hair and dark yellowish-green eyes.


Roo is very dedicated to making money and helping Masato's business in the pursuit of doing so, willing to take on any task to make it succeed, and with a temperament extremely closely linked to her perception of the business's success: very happy when it seems to work, very sad when it doesn't, and always eager to find out more about anything she can.

While not truly understanding the more intricate details of how government affects merchants, Roo understands that the value of "shiny" (gold) determines the value of currency.


Roo appeared to have a fairly rich past with her parents before they were sold into slavery.


  • She is the youngest supporting character in the story.