• Hi, and thanks for editing the wiki! Your prolific edits have not gone unnoticed and, for the most part, are welcomed. ^_^

    I noticed that you created pages for each Episode 07 and It Seems Shinobu Has a Shinobi's Intuition!, with an infobox on both pages and no clear connection between them. In the future, if you could instead create a redirect at the episode name (in this case, "It Seems Shinobu Has a Shinobi's Intuition!") to the episode number (in this case, "Episode 07") so that there only has to be one page (at the episode number) which searchers of and editors for both names wind up on, that would be greatly appreciated. I've already created a redirect at "It Seems Shinobu Has a Shinobi's Intuition!" to "Episode 07" for you, so no harm done, and if you're not sure how to create a redirect, feel free to take a look at the redirect's page code to find out how to make more redirects in the future.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.


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