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There is nothing we can't do.

Tsukasa Mikogami, Chapter 3

Tsukasa Mikogami, the main protagonist of the series, is the prime minister of Japan despite still being in high school and the leader of the Seven Prodigies. His father was the former prime minister who used corrupt means to provide luxury for the family and hold absolute power; Tsukasa disapproved of his father's actions and exposed his faults, leading to his father's execution and his mother disowning him.


Tsukasa has a thin frame and angular features. Under his unique condition of heteronochromia, his left eye is violet and his right a pinkish red. He typically wears esteemed attire, and his uneven cut of grey hair falls past his jawline on the left side.


Tsukasa is personable and charismatic without giving the sense that it is merely a veneer. He is natural in his role as a leader, quickly taking command of his band as well as Elm Village. Tsukasa also has a strong sense of honor, getting his own father ousted from power due to his corruption.


He specialises in deduction and planning, as well as predicting others' decisions and power levels. He is almost always correct, though he has been known to fail in his predictions if the person he is up against is reckless and a complete loose cannon, such as Oslo El Gustave. Despite these occasional inaccuracies, Tsukasa is seen as almost precognitive due to this ability. He is also almost always able to rally people to his side no matter what's going on. Therefore, his intelligence—which, on many occasions, has been noted to be almost godlike—is his greatest power. Besides that, he knows a few martial arts and could use firearms as a way to defend himself.


Tsukasa's eyes are mismatched due to Heterochromia iridum.


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