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Zest Do Bernard (ゼスト・バーナード, Zesuto bānādo) is a knight commander that leads the knights of the Seven Light Faith and the father of Airi.



I've been looking into your history. You've exhibited great courage. Your fellow soldiers trust you. They say you are a reliable man who makes calm judgments at all times.

Tsukasa Mikogami about Bernard's leadership


Don't we get to choose our own jobs in this new order? That's democracy, right?

Bernard, while explaining his decision to resign

As the Seven Light Faith began to grow in popularity, Bernard resigned his commission, knowing that it would only be a matter of time until the Empire attacked back. As such, he initially rejected advanced from Tsukasa Mikogami, who was set on having him be the leader of his newly formed order of knights.

The following day, when Tsukasa visited Bernard at his home, the knight explained that the main reason he resigned was so he could be with his daughter, Airi, whom his wife left behind after passing away not too long before during an epidemic. The reason he became a knight in the first place was so he could be able to protect his daughter, and he was willing to give up anything to be with her. Therefore, he was unwilling to make commitments that could potentially jeopardise their bond. He feared that if he was posted elsewhere and had to leave Airi behind, he would have no motivation to stay on the job. Deeming his beliefs to be selfish, he insisted that Tsukasa look elsewhere for potential candidates.

Despite this, Tsukasa persisted, saying that he would expect Bernard to put his family first. He explained that he wasn’t looking for blind allegiance, rather an ally that would be willing to fight alongside them. Tsukasa told Bernard that the aim was to destroy the common consensus of one life having greater value due to bloodlines, family connections, or other such uncontrollable factors. With the promise that he would be stationed in his hometown so he could be with his daughter, Bernard eventually accepted the role of leader of the Seven Light Faith’s order of knights.